EmailDelivered is your virtual email administrator built from the ground up by a team of email administrators and deliverability experts to help small business owners improve their email delivery rates at a budget that all business owners can afford. It is your all-in-one email solution! Based in Austin, Texas, EmailDelivered provides tools and resources that encompass all aspects of email marketing, email reputation, and ultimately email deliverability. Email Marketing comes down to 5 critical components: Email List Management, Email Monitoring, Email Deliverability Management, and Reputation Management, and Email Marketing. EmailDelivered provides you with the tools you need to handle all of these aspects without having to know the first thing about email management.

Email List Management
As the saying goes, the money’s in the list. The flip side to that is if your list is bad, then you’re compromising your deliverability and hurting your overall profitability.

Keeping your list clean and free of bad email addresses, outdated email addresses, and subscribers that have decided that they no longer want to receive email communications from you is critical.

EmailDelivered™ offers subscribers an “Email Washer” that literally scrubs bad addresses, eliminates common misspellings, X-rated content, and rejects email addresses that are know spam traps.

This is your first line of defense when it comes to getting your emails delivered.

Email Monitoring
EmailDelivered™ ties into your self-hosted autoresponder software and monitors your emails for you seamlessly behind the scenes. Never worry about your technical settings, whether or not your emails are actually getting through, or if your reputation is being affected.

Our IP monitoring tool scans your IP address every day.

If there’s ever a problem or you wind up on a blacklist, you’re immediately notified. The EmailDelivered™ IP monitoring tool only looks at factors that affect your email deliverability.

Note: 98% of all new subscribers have 3 things that are causing an email delivery problem. Your account specialist will help you solve these problems immediately, which generally results in substantially improved deliverability with your next email campaign.

Email Deliverability Management
It’s critical to know exactly what’s going on with your emails. Most business owners simply turn over their bounce handling to their email company. However, most email companies don’t give you accurate data about what’s going on with your bounces. They simply categorize them into soft bounces, hard bounces, or technical bounces and remove them according to their own systems.

The EmailDelivered™ Bounce processor allows you to see EXACTLY how many email messages don’t make it through and WHY your subscribers aren’t getting your messages. This tool allows you to take back complete control over your subscriber list and to stop losing valid subscribers that still want to receive your messages.

If you can highlight – copy – and paste, you can now effortlessly manage your list with accuracy and control.

Email Reputation Management
Email marketing success ultimately comes down to managing your reputation. As long as you’re using a 3rd party provider to send your email, you have ZERO control over your email reputation.

Your email reputation is like your credit score. If you don’t have one, it can cause problems. And if you have a bad one, it can cause you even more problems. The good news is that unlike credit, you can build your email reputation very quickly if you’ve got all the pieces in place properly.

Even if you have a good reputation, there are times where your email messages may still get blocked. EmailDelivered™ provides you with your own deliverability specialist that will monitor your emails daily, notify you when there’s a problem, and then work directly with the ISP to resolve it. 99% of the time, our team can resolve the problem within 24 hours on your behalf.

Email Marketing
According to eMarketer Daily, 37% of all consumers prefer to receive communications by email which simply means that, as a business owner, you’ve got to be able to capture leads online and put relevant, frequent offers in front of them. This comes down to effective email marketing and lead generation.

EmailDelivered™ provides subscribers with a variety of tools, trainings, and techniques to increase online lead generation in order to help increase your online exposure, increase sign up rates, and improve conversions.

In addition to the web-based email software tools, Email Delivered offers subscribers a variety of whitepapers, videos, training program, guides, and reports to improve your email response rates and to help business owners capture the highest return on their email marketing advertising dollars.

EmailDelivered puts email marketing campaigns back in the hands of small business owners and takes away the requirements of 3rd party providers by providing all the tools you need to build, run, and maintain your email list and your email marketing campaigns in an easy to use, affordable, email marketing software suite.

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